Care Ministry

The purpose of our Care Ministry is to provide points of connection within the body of Christ at all stages – from visitor welcome and assimilation, to hospitality, to pastoral care, to inclusion of marginalized and home-bound members and friends.  We incorporate a team-based approach to hospitality, elder care, 

and benevolence.


Areas of focus:


Hospitality – provides welcoming environment & space for fellowship; communicates outward-focused mission and belonging; supports special events, fellowship time, funerals


Visitation – facilitates regular, ongoing connections for home-bound, institution-bound, aging members, those with chronic needs


Assimilation – gathers visitor information, visitor follow-up, assimilation into the life of the body, new members classes, inclusion, connecting, spiritual gifts and God-given abilities


Pastoral Care – assists pastoral staff in providing pastoral care (hospitalizations, grieving, etc); provides referrals for professional care (mental/emotional illness, medical assistance, financial counseling/assistance, family and marriage counseling); monitors and assures process of follow-up care (post-surgery, chronic illness, births, death/loss)