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Good Friday

Living By Design Prayer Stations

Instructions & Resources

This Lent, we have been learning from Jesus what Living by Design looks like. Today, we remember that God's design for Jesus was to save others by giving up his life on the cross. On this Good Friday, we will be moving through six short stations with a reading, reflection and prayer. This website will guide you through each station. Begin with the "Press Pause" section below and when finished with each station, click "Continue..." to move to the next.

Quick Links

To access a particular station use the links below:


1: Press Pause (below)

2: Reflection:

Broken & Beloved

3. Commitment:

The Ways of God

4. Community:

Power of Teamwork

5. Mission:

Salt & Light

6. Offering:

Lamb of God

Station 1




Materials needed:

- Press Pause prayer card

1. Light the Candle

2. Take a Few Deep Breaths

3. Remember—God is With You

Be Curious. What would God's voice sound like if God spoke out loud to you?

Listen Closely. What do you notice in the silence of the room? 

Pray: Tell God you are paying attention.

You might say:

"God, I am listening. 

Help me be patient and ready to receive whatever you want me to hear. Amen."

Listen. Sit in silence for a minute (or three).

Each time your mind gets distracted (it will), pray "God, I am listening" again.