LENT: A 40-Day Journey

The Lent Season

LENT is a journey. It's a season when the church throughout the ages has chosen to pause and notice something - the journey of Jesus to the cross in Jerusalem (Luke 9:51)

It sounds kind of morbid, but here's the thing. "Lent" actually means "Spring" - you know, the season of new life. So in the midst of the bitter winter cold and all the death that might be around us, there's this uncanny hope that a new life - resurrection life - is possible.

When people think of Lent, they immediately think of "fasting," which usually means some kind of hunger.

And whatever hunger we choose, whether it's for chocolate or Facebook or Xbox, it's to remind us of our hunger for God and for his life.

Would you like to join us?

This Lent at Bethany, we are going to be learning about the way that Jesus taught his disciples - and teaches us - to pray. Each week we'll focus on a Bible passage, learn about prayer and experience a prayer practice together.

Our goal this Lent is to become more like Jesus as we follow his journey towards the cross on Good Friday and...



The season of Lent lasts 40 days but this doesn't include Sundays. They are days for feasting (not fasting) a mini- Easter celebration.

Ash Wed

Lent begins with a cross of ashes many wear on their foreheads or hands. It is a reminder of the pain and loss we all experience - and an invitation to turn away from

sin to God.

PALM SUNDAY: Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem by crowds who celebrate him as King. They aren't aware of what will happen in the next few days, but Jesus knows...

MAUNDY THURSDAY: Jesus hosts the Passover meal but fills it with new significance, and gives his followers a new command ("mandate") - to love one another.

GOOD FRIDAY: Jesus is unjustly tried and cruelly tortured and crucified alongside criminals. On this day, we grieve our sin and the brokenness of our world and we remember God's fierce and faithful love.

EASTER VIGIL: As Jesus' body rests in the tomb, his followers waited in silence, so on Holy Saturday, we rehearse the Story of God as we wait in hope for Easter morning...

Holy Week