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Ash Wednesday

Living By Design Prayer Stations

Station 2


Broken &

Materials needed:

- bowl of water

- mirror

- Broken & Beloved prayer card

- pen

In Matthew 3, Jesus is baptized.

He identifies with his sinful, broken people. And God responds by announcing Jesus is beloved: 

"This is my Son, whom I love;

with him I am well pleased." 

Jesus lived a life of reflection. Prayerfully, he accepted the truth about himself (and his people) and considered the next step God was inviting him to take.

We are all both broken and beloved.

Broken. Touch the water in the bowl and notice how the ripples distort any reflection. Sin distorts our lives in the same way. Consider areas of your life where there is distortion and brokenness.

Beloved. Look at yourself in the mirror. Your good Father has a clear view of who you are. God sees your distortions and brokenness, but God also sees you as beautiful and beloved. 

Reflect. Read the questions on the prayer card. Choose one or two on each side and reflect on them in God's presence. You might pray:

"God guide my thoughts as I reflect on who I truly am -- a both broken and beloved child."

Notice. Where does the Spirit lead your thoughts?

Is there a truth you should affirm? An action you should take? (Decide you will respond to any stirring in you with obedience.) 

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