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Ash Wednesday

Living By Design Prayer Stations

Station 3


The Ways of God

Materials needed:

- rock

- The Ways of God prayer card

- pen

In Matthew 4, after fasting 40 days, Jesus was tempted to create bread out of rocks, but he trusted God to provide for his needs. (Later, God will invite him to create bread for hungry crowds.) Jesus' trust shows a radical commitment to the ways — and timing — of God.

The way we do things matters as much as (if not more than) the end result. Our commitment to God's ways is as important as our commitment to God's ends.

Imagine. Consider a very real need you have right now. Pick up the rock and imagine that it is a picture of your need. Feel the weight of the rock. Is the need small or large? Is it light or a real burden?

Commit. Now commit to letting God meet this need in God's time... in God's way. You may be asked to meet the need yourself. You may trust that God brings another solution. Remind yourself that you do not need to be anxious or worry. God will let you know when the time and the way are right.

Pray: Ask God to meet this need but also express your commitment to obedience. You might pray:

"God you see this need. Help me to remember that my need for you is greater. Give me the strength, patience and will to obey and follow your leading.

Keep it with you. Consider carrying this rock with you during Lent as a reminder of the needs you have. When you feel anxious or are struggling with an unmet need, repeat this practice of imagining, committing and praying.

Rock Balancing