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Ash Wednesday

Living By Design Prayer Stations

Station 4 


Power of Teamwork  

Materials needed:

- paperclips

- The Power of Teamwork

  prayer card

- pen

From his first step in ministry to his last gasp on the cross, Jesus shared life with others. He cared deeply, challenged directly, and risked being real—all so he could experience authentic community and help others do the same. 

Who do you trust enough to get real with? 

Who do you go to when you need honest feedback?

Who knows the real you—at your best and worst?

Imagine. Something important has happened. You're upset or have really great news. Or you've made a big mistake, one that's weighing you down. You decide to talk with someone.

Who would you call first?

And if they didn't answer, who would you try next?

And then who?

And then who? 

Write those name(s) on the prayer card. Pray for an opportunity to take the next step towards them.

You might pray:

"God, you designed me to experience life with others. Please give me an opportunityand the courageto take then next step with ______________."

As you pray link your paperclips, each one representing someone in your life who is connected to you.

Write the person(s) a note or send a text (right now) telling them how much you appreciate them. 

Praying Together