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Ash Wednesday

Living By Design Prayer Stations

Station 6 


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Materials needed:

- marker

We remember both that we have been created out of dust and that we have been created in God's image. As we offer up the ashes
of our lives, God will form us into gracious and glorious children.


  • How has God spoken to you during this time?

  • What has been stirred up in you?

  • Are you being invited to align with God's ways? 

  • Are you being called to respond with action?


Take a moment to get clear on how God might be leading you to respond.

Commit. Pray your commitment to God. You might say:

God, I have listened for your voice. And what I hear you saying is___________________. So today, I commit myself to responding by _________________________.

Give what you are ready to offer up to God, knowing that whatever you give is broken and imperfect and will be transformed by God's love. You can only offer up your broken, imperfect self.

Remember. Create reminder of this commitment by drawing the sign of the cross with a marker on your hand or wrist. 





After you draw it, offer yourself and your future to God. You might say:

God of Light,

I offer myself — my whole self — to you. Take the ashes of my life and form it into something beautiful. Use me to shine the light of your glorious love into the shadows of our world. Amen.

Continue. Consider making one or more of these stations a regular practice during the season of Lent. Repeat them all each Wednesday. Or choose one to focus on each week or even each day. Use the practices of this season to deepen your ability to live by God's design of personal reflection, radical commitment, and authentic community.

May you be blessed — and be God's blessing to those around you.

Ash Wed Announcement slide.jpg