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and giving together


Serving builds relationships. When we work together, we become a part of something bigger than ourselves. When we serve, we build connections with our community. God serves, so we serve.


Sheboygan South High School:
Several times throughout the year, we collect and donate items for South’s personal care pantry. This provides South’s counsellors resources to offer to students who can’t afford basic items for personal care. 


Longfellow Elementary School:
We bless Longfellow in a variety of ways throughout the year. We provide meals for teachers during parent-teacher conferences, and we supply gifts for their Christmas Holiday Shop so students can give a gift of their own to a parent or grandparent. We also have members who are reading buddies throughout the year.

New Day Meal:
On the third Tuesday of each month, we host a hot, delicious meal for our Sheboygan community. More than just a free meal, we see this as a time for building friendships and community.

We share our facilities with Bethel Center de la Adoracion (Bethel Worship Center), a bi-lingual congregation. (They hold their services on Sunday afternoons.) The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) uses our facilities to provide lunch and activities to seniors each weekday.

We also support and serve other ministries in Sheboygan county, including:

Pine Haven Christian Communities
The Salvation Army
The Gathering Place
Anchor of Hope
Samaritan's Hand
Local Food Bank
Good News Jail & Prison Ministries

Other regional and international ministries we support: 

Camp Manitoqua
World Renew
Words of Hope
RCA Missionaries throughout the world
Remember Nhu
Mission E4


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